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I am almost at this point! I love my oils.

I hate spending the money every month. I have known about Rocky Mountain Oils since before they changed there name. How long this had been going on it did not say but long enough to get the Co. You might want to check it out. Thank you for backing me up in the comments.

I’m Throwing Out My Essential Oils. Here’s Why.

I am late to this party but I wanted to gift my daughter some EOs. I had to be a consultant to visit their farm. I will add, that never before have I heard so much anger and bashing except by these MLM people.

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  4. I’m Throwing Out My Essential Oils. Here’s Why.?
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We are taught about how to find a good grade of oil, but no where do they insist on any particular brand. I use some Rocky Mountain products, and I use other brands too. Bottom line, to all you MLM fans, good for you if you like the product. Use it. But stop bashing others for their opinions.

Oils are to be respected, as are old school teachers who are steeped in their use, long before The MLMs were thought of. They are a fraud. I use doterra but am now going to compare their prices with Rocky and if cheaper. H ey, guess what? I use to use DoTerra and then Young Living. And the free shipping is huge! You did not bash Young Living. Whenever you promote Rocky Mountain, YL sellers get angry and come for you. Which makes my decision to leave them even more rock solid. Some of them attack you and are so nasty.

Rocky Mountain oils have given me better results than YL. And I love the free shipping for even just one oil! The RM Immunity Blend has kept me flu and cold free for the last two years! Thieves from YL never was able to achieve that for me.

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  • And, THAT is not bashing. I also am a member of Young Living. I have never been forced to purchase.

    Aromatherapy Diffuser for the Shower – ESSIO

    Everyone has their opinion though. And P. That is a made up marketing term coined coincidentally by Gary Young. Yes, you can get the test results if you ask for them. YL is not the only one, but I do believe they are the purest and best. They do purchase from other farms, but those farms need to meet the seed to seal standards, which is raising the quality for the entire industry. They own some, partner with others. Other companies started using the term to try to compete and indicate they were the same quality. Actually, they left YL because they were disgusted with their dishonest practices.

    I am presently a YL member. I asked for test results and was told they will not share that with anyone, including the members. They also went it court with DoTerra and only Doterra can prove it. You can track every single bottle. I would never buy Young Living.

    In my opinion there is enough room in the world for many quality oils companies. So I think we should all grow up and not bash the ones you are choosing not to use!! Every company has a thread of people making many on the product. I think MLM is amazing in that it allows especially women to supplement their families income while staying at home with their children. Yes there is plenty of room for all sorts of EO companies. However, we demand truth and purity. Why is that too much to ask? We are using the oils for our health! Thank you so much for this article.

    I will definitely check this company out.

    There is definitely a difference in certain brands. It is my absolute favorite. I have not been disappointed in any thing I have purchased. Now free shipping also!!!

    Essential oils

    Shut the front door. They are wonderful. My house always smells clean and depending on the season and my mood, my diffusers get a workout. Good post! They are definitely high quality oils, and you can tell when you smell them. When I first began using Essential oils over 5 years ago, I thoroughly researched the marketplace before finally deciding to purchase my oils from Native American Nutritionals. A French Company called Florihana.

    Florihana has excellent prices, and you can purchase them through Healthytraditions aka TropicalTraditions. I also have been purchasing Florihana oils. They are wonderful, and I love their beautiful packaging. There are other options just as good.

    Oil Diffusers

    But when you speak out against YL, in particular, you get attached and they do get nasty. I love tropical traditions. I would trust their oils. RMO is a great company.

    Featured Products

    I just realized I had to use more to get the same effect. I just want people to know EOS work for everything even serious stuff! I chatted with a rep and he explained it completely. I ordered the Flu Time neat because I wanted full strength. I am SO glad for this post!! I have always used Plant Therapy oils and I love how they are up front with their testing results, and have even pulled batches, reworking their oils and processes based on those non-biased reports.

    I just realized in the picture you have Plant Therapy oils…. I will have to try Rocky Mountain next time to see the difference! Actually you can see them in the trash can in my image. I also threw out some Aura Cacia from Whole Foods, and some random brand I got on Amazon that was the most horrible quality. But the Plant Therapy lavendar and blends were the ones myself and my boys just could not stand.